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Visionary digital art collective and cult darlings, Champagne Valentine collaborates with Edun on an interactive lookbook for the fall/winter 2011 collection. "Edun wants to move the world to a more ideal place, and on the web we can inhabit the worlds we want," says digital artisan Anita Fontaine. "We took 'Nomads in Digital Utopia' as our inspiration, and like the romance we find there."


Creative Direction & Production: Champagne Valentine
Champagne Valentine & Mathias Sterner
Concept: Champagne Valentine & Jeff Kling
Copywriter: Jeff Kling
Producer: Ted Bergcrona Wallenius
First AD: Laetitia Migliore
Prod Ass : Barney Monk
Makeup: Emma Louise
Hair stylist: Irene Peeters
Hair assistant: Elise Hama
Stylist: Karen Langley
Stylist assistant: Monica Pineider
Backstage assistant: Janneke Verhoeven
Designer: Sharon Wauchob
Marketing director: Bridget Russo
Sound Design: Brian Close
Programming: Random


Kim Jaspers @ WW models
Truus Hooiveld @Paparazzi Models
Robin Von der Krogt @ 77 Models
Mark Williams
Emmanuel Adjei
Ida Carlsson

Edun Fall / Winter Collection
"Storytellers and Liars"

Edun explores storytelling as it changes over time in various cultures. When a story is passed down through generations it becomes a reflection of the teller and develops a new meaning that can be seen as real or fantasy. Who is the storyteller and who is the liar? When does a story become a lie? The pieces in the collection translate this notion through watercolor-like prints and the juxtaposition of varying textures and fabrics with carefully selected iconic references repurposed to create garments that are fresh and new.

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